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“Gold Winners” at the Global Future Design Awards 2022 with ARQBOREA

Our ARQBÓREA building won the "GOLD WINNER" award at the Global Design Awards 2022 organized by APR. These awards recognize the work of professionals from all over the world in the field of...

Ortiz. Leon Oct 19, 2022

Nearly zero-energy and Net-Zero Carbon buildings. Carbon footprint of a building. OL #23

In the coming years and decades, the authorization of any human activity (and especially construction in general) will hinge upon not contributing to global warming.

Ortiz. Leon Jan 01, 2023

Building Cluster offers a collaborative contract between developer and builder to avoid cost overruns

As a company belonging to the Building Cluster, we have carried out a new model agreement between real estate developer and builder whose purpose is to avoid deviations in price, deadline or quality in the projects.