How do we approach a project to create a tall building?
Ortiz. Leon Arquitectos

"High-rise buildings define the identity of cities and are the main laboratory for new technical solutions that will later be applied to other architectural typologies."

In a global context of massive metropolization, the increase in urban density and vertical growth offered by tall buildings can support cities that are more sustainable and healthier for people, mitigating the growing effects of climate change around the world.

The design and construction of a tall building is the most complex challenge that an architect can face. Constraints such as cost, schedule, and schedule must be reconciled with the more subjective aspects of design: the fluidity of the aesthetic, the culture of the place, and the user experience. From a design point of view, skyscrapers represent the main catalyst for the evolution of cities by immediately defining their visual identity and for their ability to attract new businesses and people by offering first-rate infrastructure and convenient services in high-demand locations.

The enormous complexity of high-rise buildings requires great experience and the coordination of all technical aspects to ensure economic viability. A small change in the height of the floors, the modification of a façade detail, the selection of the structural or vertical circulation system; it can have a big impact on the cost of construction, the carbon footprint, the cost of operation or the commercialization of the asset.

In this line, Ortiz.León accumulates more than 20 years designing skyscrapers in the main Spanish cities. Projects such as the Mapfre Tower in the Olympic village of Barcelona, the Crystal Tower in Madrid, the Iberdrola Tower in Bilbao or the Sailing in the City of BBVA; have endorsed the studio as a Spanish representative at the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), a Chicago-based think tank that collects technological, typological and construction advances that are being developed globally.

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