How do we approach a residential housing project?
Ortiz. Leon Architects

"We design homes for people, with the highest standards of sustainability and energy management with the main objective of user comfort."

We design residential buildings giving a differentiated response to each project, seeking the best solution for the urban and urban context where they are located. The result is resilient buildings where the architectural design is capable of collecting adequate housing solutions for the different situations that arise.

Residential buildings must be representative of the values of sustainability, energy saving, comfort and well-being, conditions that are increasingly present in the collective imagination and in the expectations of users looking for a new home.

The house of the future, already present, must enable more flexible spaces, both inside the house and in common areas, and must participate in an environment close to nature where vegetation plays a leading role and becomes an active part of the architectural design.

Our buildings meet the highest standards of the main sustainability certifications and are pioneers in the use of materials and construction systems that allow projects to decarbonise in line with the most demanding ESG standards. But it’s not enough. We use nature as a visible architectural element and protagonist that promotes health, attention and creativity, having a positive impact on people from the moment they approach the building.

These are some of the residential projects
Residential Housing
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