"The objective of an interior design project is to create a separate world in a given space with predefined and usually immovable conditions. Unlike architecture, which has the responsibility of acting in harmony with the environment, interior design aims to transport the user to a dreamed place, oblivious to the surrounding reality"

The way to approach an interior design project depends largely on the use of space. A private residence will require long conversations to understand the needs and way of life of its occupants, a restaurant will have to take into account the diversity of the clientele to attract the maximum number of diners, and an office will require a combined analysis of the values of the company and the interaction between the different departments to combine representativeness and efficiency.

In any case, whatever the function, the result will be a personalized experience tailored to the needs and aspirations of each client. In this way, the entrance door becomes a space-time portal that gives access to a perfectly orchestrated microcosm for the delight of users.

In this creative process, as complex as it is exciting, the “concept” is of capital importance. It brings together everything learned from previous research and adds the ideas that generate a high-impact project both at a sensory and use level. This is developed through “moodboards” and diagrams that, together, collaborate to build that desired space.

OL’s guarantee comes from our commitment to reality, always stubborn, attending to its deep foundations with a clean and unprejudiced view. This approach allows us to avoid the superficiality of commonplaces and provide innovative and unexpected solutions for each project.

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