How do we approach a project to design a hotel?
Ortiz. Leon Architects

"The product that good hotels offer is not a room where you can sleep comfortably, a breakfast buffet full of options, multifunctional rooms with the latest technology, or high-quality wellness facilities, but a memorable experience."

Our extensive experience in the hotel sector working on the operator’s side has given us in-depth knowledge of the operation of these microcities, where all types of projects are included.

A hotel mainly groups residential use, but the hotel industry also has a preponderant role, as well as public spaces in the form of event rooms. Additionally, they offer sports facilities and spas, so in demand by a society that is increasingly concerned about health. Finally, the “back of house” contains offices, workshops, warehouses and spaces for staff that must function with pinpoint precision.

The wisdom accumulated during the development of both urban and resort hotels, both business and vacation, both oriented to couples and families, both three and five stars, allows us to act decisively in the configuration of a program that is not only attractive for customers but also high profitability for the owner. The commercial success of our projects is reflected in the high occupancy figures achieved.

We call magic the result of combining design, functionality and profitability in a unified and coherent project that leads to a memorable experience for guests, and in that sense, OL considers ourselves more than designers, magicians.

These are some of the hotel projects
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