Ortiz León architects obtains the Great Place to Work Certification!

“Gold Winners” at the Global Future Design Awards 2022 with ARQBOREA

Our ARQBÓREA building won the "GOLD WINNER" award at the Global Design Awards 2022 organized by APR. These awards recognize the work of professionals from all over the world in the field of...

Ortiz. Leon Oct 19, 2022

Nearly zero-energy and Net-Zero Carbon buildings. Carbon footprint of a building. OL #23

In the coming years and decades, the authorization of any human activity (and especially construction in general) will hinge upon not contributing to global warming.

Ortiz. Leon Jan 01, 2023

ARQBOREA, “Best New Construction Building 2020” at the AEO Awards

ARQBOREA, has won the award for “Best New Construction Office Building 2020” at the AEO Awards; of the Spanish Association of Offices held in December. ARQBOREA is a benchmark in the office market. Its innovative design combines Maximum #technology, #sustainability, #well-being and #accessibility.  

Ortiz. Leon Dec 22, 2021
We are known for our exceptional architecture and our firm is committed to innovation, sustainability and excellence.
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We work in an international context applying sustainable architecture criteria in office, residential and hotel projects at any scale, from the interior design of a restaurant to the architecture of a skyscraper. Our goal is for all our architecture to be climate-neutral through design excellence by 2030.
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"We are a multidisciplinary firm that is committed to innovation, sustainability and excellence in the design of spaces that provide added value to our clients and will define new ways of living and working"

We design buildings of various typologies combining a deep knowledge of international real estate trends with 40 years of accumulated experience in complex, mixed-use, industrialized, high-altitude and sustainable projects.
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Our architecture provides added value to institutional investors, socimis, investment banks, family offices, hotel operators and residential developers in all phases of the project. We are ready to work anywhere in the world and on projects of any size.